St. Paul's Episcopal Church 
Camden-Wyoming, Delaware

Join Us in Worship!

Be part of a welcoming community engaged in spiritual growth in Christ.  Be part of a Church in an established Christian tradition during an interesting period of transition in the Church and the larger community.

Small Church in a Season of Change   

St. Paul's is a parish of the Episcopal Diocese of Delaware. The first meeting of the congregation was on Trinity Sunday, June 7, 1868. They met in borrowed locations for 23 years until they built a church, but by 1969 they needed a larger facility. In 1972, the church moved into the current building on 8.3 acres. We literally have lots of room for growth and improvement!

We reside in the Town of Camden, near Wyoming, on the Delmarva Peninsula in Kent County, Delaware. Begun about 300 years ago as a Quaker community, this small town is changing rapidly as it grows in size and population. Within the past few years, the town has increased significantly in geographical size, and the population is exploding as we welcome newcomers to our area.