Registration and Tuition

​​Two's:    Children must be two years old by August 31st.

 2-days/week:  Tues. and Thurs.  

Tuition:   $140.00 per month  Registration fee: $50.00


 Three’s:  Children must be three years old by August 31st.

3-days/week:  Mon., Wed. & Fri.      

  Tuition:   $175.00 per month      Registration fee: $50.00


 Four’s:  Children must be four years old by August 31st

3-days/week: Mon., Wed. and Fri.

Tuition: $165.00 per month Registration fee:  $50.00

.                       4-days/week: Mon. - Thurs.                     

  Tuition:  $210.00 per month Registration fee: $50.00   

 5-days/week: Mon.-Fri.

  Tuition: $245.00 per month Registration fee: $50.00

We now offer Afternoon playcare!

Noon to 5:30 [lunch and nap will take place] 

$100.00 a week and $25.00 a day

We offer a two day program for children who are 2 years old.

A three day program is offered for 3 year olds.

Three, four and five day programs are offered for 4 year olds

St. Paul's Episcopal Church 
Camden-Wyoming, Delaware